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FAQs: Booking Workflow

Booking Workflow

We’re always keen to hear your feedback and we want to do everything we can to make booking and visiting our theatre as easy as possible.

We’ve had feedback from a few customers that the online booking system can be a bit daunting to complete, so we thought it would be helpful to produce a little walk through. Hopefully we’ll be able to highlight any fields that might cause some people difficulties.

Some of the main issues are around logging in or creating accounts; filling in phone numbers; or Payment Verification using Mastercard Secure or Verified by VISA. Scroll down to find these sections further down the page.

Let’s use our fantastic 2015 panto as an example.

Book Now

You can either click Book on the main listings page or click book now at the bottom of the page for a specific day:-


Booking page 1 Booking page 2

Which brings you to this page:-

Booking page 3

Just click on the Buy Now button.

Tickets and Dates

Booking page 4

Then fill in how many tickets you want and confirm the date.


Choose Seats/Best Available

This page also asks if it’s OK to split seats for your order and whether you want to Choose Seats or take Best Available.

Booking page 5

Choose Seats

If you click Choose Seats you’ll be shown the seating map and can pick which ones you’d like.

Best Available

If you choose Best Available, the system will automatically select seats in the first available row (starting at the front) where there are enough spaces to match the number of tickets you want.

The system will automatically try to sit your party all in the one row, without any gaps. Our booking system treats the aisle as a gap when picking seats for you. If you don’t mind sitting either side of the aisle, click the little round button marked Yes next to “OK to Split Seats”.

When shows are very full, it might not be possible to fit your whole party into a single row. If you’re having difficulty booking by using Best Available, it might be because there aren’t any rows left with enough spaces for your party to sit together. Try changing OK to split seats to Yes and see if that helps. If not, try using Choose Seats to see if you can find seats close enough together.


Seat Map

The seat map looks like this:-

Booking page 6

Any of the seats marked in yellow are available to book.

Rows BB and AA are on the flat. From Row A backwards, seats go up one step each row.

Pick the seats you want. They’ll turn black when you click on them. Each seat you pick will appear in a list underneath the map.

Price scales

If there are different price options (e.g. Adult/Concession/Student/Family etc etc) you need to say what category each ticket is for. E.g. E7, E8 and E9 might be adult tickets, but E10 is for a child under 16 so that seat will be a concession ticket.

Booking page 7

You Must Request At Least One Ticket

If you are using Best Available to select tickets, you might see a pop up window like this:-

Walkthrough update

This error message will be displayed if you fill in a zero next to any of the ticket types you don’t want.

Walkthrough update 2

You won’t be able to continue through the booking until you delete any zeros.  You only need to fill in a number against the tickets you are buying – just leave the other boxes blank.

Delivery Method

The last thing to do on this page is decide how you’d like your tickets to be delivered.

Print at Home tickets are emailed to you.

Box Office Collection tickets will be printed out by our staff at the theatre. You’ll be able to pick up Box Office Collection tickets on the night of the performance.  Please note, our box office is only manned when there is a performance in the venue.  For Box Office Collection, please wait until the night of the performance.

Only some shows include an option to mail out tickets. There’s an extra £2.00 charge for sending tickets by post.

Once you’ve picked your seats, set the price scale and decided on delivery, click the Continue Button.


Login or Create an Account

Booking page 8

On this page you can login (if you’ve already got an account with us) or create an account or Skip Login and Proceed to Checkout. If you’re having any difficulties with logging in, it is still possible to complete your purchase by clicking Skip Login and Proceed to Checkout.


Shopping Cart

Booking page 9

The shopping cart shows your tickets and how much they cost including the ticket admin fee. There is a clock at the top left hand side of the screen. You have 10 minutes to complete your purchase, otherwise the tickets will expire and you’ll have to start again.


The shopping cart adds a suggested £1 donation to help with theatre restoration. This is not obligatory. If you’d prefer not to donate, change the amount in this box to 0.00 and click Recalculate (just underneath this box, to the left of the word Total). If you’d like to donate more to the restoration fund, just change the amount and click recalculate.

The total cost of all your tickets (including booking fees and any donations) is shown at the bottom of this section marked Balance Due.



Scroll down on this page and you’ll see a section for Credit Card details. Fill in the card type, the long number from the front of the card, the expiry date and the 3 digit security code.



Contact Information

Booking page 10

This section can cause some people problems.

You won’t be able to proceed unless you’ve filled in a salutation, first and last name, at least one phone number and your email address, plus the first line, City and postcode for your billing address.

Phone Numbers

Our system is supplied by a multinational firm so the phone number is in three sections – CC (Country Code); Area Code and local.

For a UK land line that means the first box should be 0044 or +44

The area code is the first part of your number, minus the first zero. So for a Glasgow number, you’d fill in 141. For a mobile number, you’d fill in the first five digits, minus the 0 at the start.

Local is the remainder of the number – 6 or 7 digits normally.

How Did You Hear About This Event?

You also need to select how you heard about the event from the dropdown list.

Finalise Order

Booking page 14

Then, tick the box to say you agree with the terms & conditions (assuming you DO agree with them) and click the Finalise Order button. A warning box will show up

Booking page 11

Once you’ve clicked OK, your purchase may be finalised and you won’t be able to change your mind.


Mastercard Secure/Verified by VISA

Like a lot of sites, we add this additional layer of security for card payments. If you’ve used your credit or debit card previously to pay online, you’ve probably already signed up for these services.

If not, you’ll be prompted to sign up. You only need to sign up once and then you’ll use the same password and verification process every time you use that card to buy online.

Fill in the required password or characters from your password, click submit and then your purchase will go through.

Booking page 12



Some browers, for instance Firefox, can block elements on pages – for example, some browsers don’t allow Java Script to run automatically.

If you are having problems try using a different browser or check your firewall settings.

If you are still having difficulties, just call the box office number – 0141 357 4000. The number isn’t manned full time, but messages are checked several times a day, so if you don’t get a reply, leave a message and we’ll call you back just as soon as we can.

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